Zach Brock: The Magic Number

Violinist-composer Zach Brock reveals traces of his main influence, Jean-Luc Ponty, on this daring acoustic trio project featuring Matt Wigton on upright bass and Frederick Kennedy on drums. From the decidedly Mahavishnu Orchestra-flavored “Yeah Yeah Yeah” to the intricate, polyrhythmic “Summer Dance,” the Ponty-esque, pizzicato-fueled “In the Dark” (with wordless vocals by Scott Anderson and a nasty dub section midway through) and the slam-funk of “Golden Nuggets,” Brock acquits himself with audacious ingenuity and masterful command of his instrument. The set includes wholly fresh arrangements of “You Don’t Know What Love Is” and Phil Markowitz’s “Sno’ Peas,” and some beautifully singing violin work by Brock on the lyrical “Brooklyn Ballad.”