Terry Silverlight: In Concert

Drummer Terry Silverlight was a 14-year-old wunderkind when he appeared on his brother Barry Miles’ 1971 fusion landmark, White Heat. Forty years later, he still has that fire in his playing, as evidenced by this exhilarating live outing recorded at the Bitter End in New York with brother Barry on keyboards, groovemeister Will Lee on bass and David Mann on saxes. They turn in scintillating renditions of Silverlight’s “Opening” and his brother’s “White Heat,” both teeming with intricate stop-time unisons and marked by power-precision drumming from the leader. Silverlight puts a percolating mambo spin on the jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” and distinguishes himself as an accomplished composer on his lyrical “Bird of Paradise.” Elsewhere, he slams authoritatively on the funky “Sunshine,” featuring vocalist Tabitha Fair, unleashes on the earthy “Shuffle Song” and wails like a fusion incarnation of Buddy Rich on the frenetic swinger “Sparks.” Essential for drumming fans.