Jacob Anderskov: Granular Alchemy

The prolific pianist and composer Jacob Anderskov specializes in creating spontaneous order. It’s not that his tendency toward cacophony and his percussive style are particularly organized. Rather, through the spontaneity of it all, Anderskov’s elaborate conceits for group improvisation result in an organic sound that umbrellas out like fractal geometry. Perhaps it’s the undertone of Danish folklore that pulsates throughout.

His alchemy appropriates a series of elements from the natural world as inspiration. He employs some of his most jagged playing on “Sediments,” parried by Gerald Cleaver on drums, Michael Formanek on bass and Chris Speed on tenor saxophone and clarinet. “Sand” channels migrating dunes, followed by the cool yet edgy “Metal.” Finally, Suite: Wind – Skin features Anderskov building note clusters that form like stalactites.