Black Music Disaster : Black Music Disaster

Matthew Shipp guests on this scary soundtrack to the monster movie in the deepest part of your id. Shipp’s droning The Phantom of the Opera-styled Farfisa organ tones open this otherworldly jam, a continuous 38-minute suite of improvised music. Drummer Steve Noble enters around the three-minute mark, pounding out humungous beats on the floor tom before offering up a rapid-fire ride-cymbal assault. British guitarist J. Spaceman from the group Spiritualized (and Shipp’s collaborator on the 2008 duo project SpaceShipp) unleashes some furious distortion-laced speed picking and wah-wah-inflected feedback squalls. In the midst of the maelstrom, multi-instrumentalist and sonic provocateur John Coxon from the British free-improv group Spring Heel Jack joins the fray with assorted electronic treatments as drummer Noble goes into full-blown “Wipe Out” mode, bringing the relentless jam to a turbulent peak. Hypnotic, unholy mayhem of the highest order.