40Twenty: 40Twenty

On the heels of his amazing one-man gospel album, The Heavens, trombonist Jacob Garchik returns to exploring group settings in 40Twenty, a new Brooklyn quartet including that other notable young Jacob, pianist Sacks. Named after the classic jazz club practice of offering 40-minute sets beginning at 20 minutes after the hour, the band engages in a surefooted, light-handed modernism that can be lyrically sweet or cerebrally fine-tuned. In performance, they mix standards, originals and freely improvised tunes; here, they stick to sharp originals like Sacks’ cleverly constructed “Jan 20,” which, among its other impressive tricks, merges Monkish melodics and the top-spun rhythms of Monk’s stylistic cousin Herbie Nichols. With David Ambrosio on bass and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums, the quartet achieves a blend of openness and precision not often encountered in hot-to-trot young groups. Call 40Twenty cool-to-walk.