Gearhead: Mindi Abair Stays Unattached

When pumping her high-wire solos to the crowd, this Grammy-nominated sax virtuoso cuts the cord

Vic Firth Professional Drumstick Bag

Vic Firth Drumstick BagImagine showing up for a gig without sticks, brushes, or drum keys. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine—it’s happened to you! Vic Firth’s SBAG3 drumstick bag won’t improve your memory, but it will make it easier to keep all your necessities organized and prevent those Ralph Kramden “humna humna” moments when you sit on the throne. In addition to compartments for sticks, accessories, and sheet music, the SBAG3—made of expandable waterproof canvas—sports watertight reverse-track zippers, adjustable padded shoulder pads, a comfortably padded handle, and a useful pouch for your tablet.


Emile Menasché

Musician, journalist, and author Emile Menasché has composed soundtracks for Oscar- and Emmy-nominated documentaries. He is jealous that his dog Hudson gets more attention from passersby whenever they’re seen in public together.