Gearhead: John McLaughlin Makes MiGiC

A six-year deep dive into synth control helped this guitar icon create a new electronic voice

LFO Yeah

The TWA SS-01 Side Step
The TWA SS-01 Side Step

The TWA SS-01 Side Step universal tap-tempo LFO pedal (distributed in the U.S. by Godlyke, Inc.) takes the low-frequency oscillator (LFO) to the ground floor. Godlyke says it’s a “variable-state, tap-tempo LFO that can be used to control practically any device with an expression input and/or +5V control voltage source.” For example, you might connect it to the expression-pedal input of another effects device and use the LFO to control one or more parameters. There are eight switchable waveforms, while the rate can be set by tap tempo, an onboard pot, or an external expression pedal.

$179 street | godlyke.com

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