How Rahsaan Roland Kirk Modified Jazz

An examination of the saxophonist's use of the stritch and manzello, and a look at new instruments and gear on the market

Artiphon OrbaArtiphon Home

The Artiphon Orba is a handheld musical instrument that was launched via Kickstarter earlier this year. The compact unit functions as a portable synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller; is compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android; and operates more like a game controller than a traditional instrument. Its developers say that its “feather-touch sensitivity translates gestures from fingers and hands directly into music.”

Emile Menasché

Musician, journalist, and author Emile Menasché has composed soundtracks for Oscar- and Emmy-nominated documentaries. He is jealous that his dog Hudson gets more attention from passersby whenever they’re seen in public together.