Gearhead: How Gene Krupa Kicked the Drum Kit into the Jazz Age

The legend took the drum kit from "contraption" to classic

Gene Krupa at the 400 Restaurant in New York, June 1946. (photo: William Gottlieb/Library of Congress)

When Standup Is No Joke

Q: “How do you get a guitarist to turn down?” A: “Put a sheet of music in front of him.” That oldie probably gets fewer embarrassed chuckles from jazz guitarists—a musically literate bunch, comparatively speaking—and they may have the last laugh with D&A Guitar Gear’s Hammerhead + Folding Music Stand. Built to be stable onstage, its sheet music holder can be adapted to support laptops and tablets. The portable unit also boasts an attachment that lets it double as an instrument stand.

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Emile Menasché

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