Gearhead: Danny Gottlieb’s Hot Sticks

Whether playing acoustic or electronic drums, one piece of gear is always in his hands

Danny Gottlieb
Danny Gottlieb (photo: courtesy of the artist)
EarLabs dBuds
EarLabs dBuds

A Plug for Hearing Safety

EarLabs dBuds are “universal-fit, volume-adjustable earplugs” offering two levels of reduction (-11dB or -24dB). A set comes with several sizes of eartips and—awesome for those of us who lose things—a magnet/leash system to help keep them from wandering off when they’re not in your ears. The passive design requires no batteries, and uses physics to adjust the attenuation level with the flip of a lever.

$59.99 per set  earlabs.co

Emile Menasché

Musician, journalist, and author Emile Menasché has composed soundtracks for Oscar- and Emmy-nominated documentaries. He is jealous that his dog Hudson gets more attention from passersby whenever they’re seen in public together.