Gearhead: Danny Gottlieb’s Hot Sticks

Whether playing acoustic or electronic drums, one piece of gear is always in his hands

Danny Gottlieb
Danny Gottlieb (photo: courtesy of the artist)


Stage 1 Board from IsoAcoustics
Stage 1 Board from IsoAcoustics

Now Boarding

Many studio techs recommend decoupling monitor speakers from stands, tables, and shelves to improve accuracy and bass response. After gaining a foothold in studio and hi-fi decoupling, IsoAcoustics is bringing similar technology to live sound with Stage 1 Isolators ($159.99 MSRP). They come in a range of sizes, but in stock form, a set must be mounted directly to each cabinet. Now the company has released the Stage 1 Board, a rigid platform that sits between the cab and the Isolators, making it easier to swap gear.

$49.99 MSRP  isoacoustics.com

Emile Menasché

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