Gearhead: Dave Stryker’s Plex-able Guitar Mods

A sodium chloride problem led the guitarist to customize his treasured Gibsons

Yamaha CG-TA
Yamaha CG-TA


Yamaha’s TransAcoustic technology uses some clever electronics mounted inside the body to let an otherwise acoustic guitar project a studio-sweetened sound—without the need for external amps or effects. Initially launched on steel-stringed instruments, the Yamaha CG-TA ($1,050) is the first nylon string to make the Trans-ition. (Yes, it’s a bad pun; live with it.) The model is based on the popular CG162, but has a trio of controls to adjust the TransAcoustic effects. There’s also a more traditional pickup system with a line out for external amps and mixers. yamaha.com

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