Gearhead: Dave Stryker’s Plex-able Guitar Mods

A sodium chloride problem led the guitarist to customize his treasured Gibsons

Roland FP-10 Digital Piano
Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

When Priced Less Beats Priceless

The Roland FP-10 Digital Piano ($499.99) may not be the glitziest gear in the store, but with a full-sized keyboard and a portable form factor, it’s designed to appeal to budgets and backs in equal proportion. Described by Roland as an “entry-level instrument with premium sound,” the FP-10 has 88 weighted keys that are said to offer the realistic action once reserved for the company’s higher-end digital pianos. It also has built-in stereo speakers, a headphones output, wireless MIDI, and a sound set derived from the popular FP-30 Digital Piano—which, in addition to acoustic piano, includes organ, strings and more. roland.com

Emile Menasché

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