Gearhead: Dave Stryker’s Plex-able Guitar Mods

A sodium chloride problem led the guitarist to customize his treasured Gibsons

Maxon OD808-40 Anniversary Model


Anniversary Drive

When it comes to overdrive pedals, few circuits have been adopted, imitated, and modified as often as the 1979 Maxon OD808, which became internationally famous under license as the Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer. Godlyke—with help from former Maxon engineer Susumu Tamura—is bringing a limited-edition Maxon OD808-40 Anniversary Model ($199) to the U.S. Only 400 will be produced, and while the first 40 will bear Tamura’s signature (and a $400 price tag), all will have his circuit mods, which are said to improve articulation, dynamics, and output level. maxonfx.com

Emile Menasché

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