The Moog One and Miscellany

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Moog One polyphonic synthesizer

Moog One Polyphonic Synthesizer

You may have already experienced the Moog One’s online publicity campaign, centered around a deliciously retro promo film in which ’70s-style titles and transitions are interspersed with grainy footage of Chick Corea, Robert Glasper, Dick Hyman, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and others testing out the new machine. Based on the heavenly sounds those players coax from it, the first polyphonic analog instrument to emerge from the Moog factory in 35 years has got to be a synth junkie’s dream. Each of its three timbres is an independently addressable poly synth, with its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library, including a full suite of Eventide reverbs. And perhaps most importantly, the Moog One’s ash cabinet and aluminum enclosure house 73 knobs and 144 buttons.