Various Artists: Lounge Story 2

Although Lounge Story 2 (Dreyfus) features some outdated acid jazz-Moondog’s 1969’s “Lament I, Bird’s Lament” is now used to peddle SUVs-gems like Carol Ventura’s “I Want to Be With You” pop out here and there. With a heavy emphasis on understated-vocal tunes, Lounge Story 2 titillates on Soulscape’s melancholy “Love Shines,” Hajime Yoshizawa’s sunny Brazilian jaunt “I Am With You” and Povo’s riveting deep-house workout “Shihab’s Habit,” featuring a delightful piano solo from Heine Hansen. But elsewhere Lounge Story 2 falls flat when it gets too cheeky, as on Patchwork’s frictionless take on “Summertime” and the snoozy version of “‘Round About Midnight” by Eddy and Duss with Lilian Terry.