Gigbag: October 2005

Finale 2006

Computer-aided composing just got an upgrade with the release of Finale 2006, which includes powerful new features designed to enhance the notation experience. Music playback has been dramatically improved with the addition of a built-in Kontakt Player from Native Instruments, breakthrough tools for teaching and learning about composition and professional controls for new freedom with music-composition software.

How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar

In this guidebook for prospective guitar instructors, Guy Lee shares info on everything from business tips and advertising to vocabulary and what to teach. The book includes tons of stuff you need and even some stuff you might not: sample flyers, sample brochures, assignments for students, templates for graduation certificates and even room for notes and staff paper to write music.

Yamaha HD-100 Harmony Director

This is much more than your typical keyboard. The HD-100 teaches students all the notes within a chord to provide help with intonation, harmony and overall sound. Used by countless instructors in Japan, it’s perfect for students at any level, equipped with a metronome, LED and LCD screens and 10 preset temperaments including pure, major and minor scales, mean tones and Pythagorean. It’s perfect for ear training, teaching about historical and contemporary instruments and more.