Gig Bag: Silverstein Ligatures for Clarinet and Sax

Still handcrafted and coveted by musicians

Silverstein ligature for clarinet
Silverstein ligature for saxophone

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Silverstein Works aims with each of its ligatures to create an accessory that achieves the right sound, the right pitch, the right inflection, tone, breath and response. With its patented design and limited availability, the Silverstein Ligature has long been coveted as an accessory by musicians, reflecting their dedication to the art.

The very first ligatures were painstakingly made by hand with scarce materials. As with the original, each piece is still individually handcrafted, using the finest materials to allow the reed to breathe and be truly released. Each piece is carefully fine-tuned and individually numbered with a lifetime warranty. Silverstein’s vision of the pursuit of perfection comes alive with the last ligature you will ever need.

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