Gig Bag: Neotech Case Packer

A solution for carrying large instrument cases comfortably

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Neotech Case Packer

One of the downsides of playing a large instrument is the hassle of moving it from one place to another. Carrying a cumbersome case through a crowded place can be both an annoyance and a physical challenge.

Case Packer, from Neotech, is a solution for carrying larger instrument cases or other gear safely and comfortably. The product utilizes two straps: A single strap can be used for carrying a case over one shoulder or both straps can be used together for a backpack-style configuration.

The straps fasten securely to an instrument case’s D-rings or other connection points using sturdy 1-inch wide nylon webbing, and the length of each strap can be adjusted from approximately 24 to 54 inches. The neoprene pad includes a patented internal control-stretch system that is easy on the shoulders and is up to 50 percent lighter. This construction effectively distributes the weight over the contour of the musician’s shoulder and functions like a shock absorber to minimize the effect of the carrier’s movements. The non-skid surface on the underside of the strap pad hugs the shoulder to keep the case from slipping while walking.

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