Carl Filipiak: Peripheral Vision

Whether firing off dazzlingly rapid hard-fusion or waxing rhapsodic through ringing, sweet-toned chords and harmonic touches, guitarist Carl Filipiak constantly challenges the senses on Peripheral Vision (Geometric Records GEO-246; 72:38). The key to Filipiak’s vision is counterpoint-Caribbean tones meet driving fusion on “Hotel Real,” which packs a big, beautiful percussive wallop; and the guitarist’s detailed, sharp-cornered licks on “Song for Irene” contrast the piece’s quiet, jazz-walk setting for a touching emotional feel. Other highlights include a tight take on Jimi Hendrix’s oft-covered “Little Wing,” with Dennis Chambers providing a hesitant, distant-feeling drum punch which opens unique spaces for Filipiak to experiment with harmonies; and “Forest Flower,” with its unexpectedly rocking, high-stepping setting, which lends the tune a feeling of resilience.