Ike Turner: Here and Now

With scorching guitar licks and menacing vocals, Ike Turner brings a nasty, swaggering edge to Here and Now (IKON/Bottled Majic 8850; 41:46), his first album of new music since 1978. From jumped-up shuffles like “Tore Up” and the instrumental “Ike’s Theme” to his rollicking piano features “Baby’s Got It” and “Swanee River Boogie,” the swampy “You Can’t Winnum’ All” and a revved-up remake of his “Rocket 88,” Turner wails with bluesy authority and star quality. He even turns in a version of “Catfish Blues” that rivals Muddy and Wolf for sheer ferocious intensity. Here and Now certainly qualifies for comeback of the year, if not blues record of the year.