Vic Juris: Music of Alec Wilder

Here, the tune-oriented music of Alec Wilder, in the tradition of the great songsmiths with a fair share of surprising twists, receives worthy, artful treatment by Juris and company (Dave Liebman, Tim Hagans, Steve Laspina, and Jeff Hirshfield). Throughout, the guitarist demonstrates his respect for Wilder’s talents, especially making it known through his arrangements, which creatively vary the combinations of instruments.

“The Winter Of My Discontent,” taken at a bright clip, and the meditative “Moon And Sand” reflect Wilder’s affinity for the Latin genre. On the former, guitar and tenor provide the principal instrumental colors, while the latter features guitar and trumpet; in both cases, the musical rapport is exceptional. “That’s My Girl” swings gently as Juris and Hagans spin long, graceful lines over the kinetic underpinning. And the final track, “Little Circles,” moves lightly, at times striking a delicate balance between three and two feels. Other highlights include “Lady Sings The Blues” and “While We’re Young.” Beautiful playing, anchored by Juris’ uncommonly sensitive support and fluent solos.