Various Artists: Ziriguiboom: The Now Sound of Brazil 2

Although “Simplesmente,” a svelte Bebel Gilberto remix, kicks off this electro-bubbly and hip new Brazilian compilation, the goods herein are anything but your father’s (or her father’s) Brazilian fare. While old-school Brazilian jazz and samba cling to our memories and public-radio playlists, the indigenous music scene is also ripe with genre-splicing experimentation and dance-minded mixology, as presented and championed by the Belgian/Brazilian Ziriguiboom label.

Latter-day echoes of the Tropicalia innovations by Tom Ze and Caetano Veloso ripple through this sampler, including the sumptuous left hooks of former Gilberto Gil bandmember Celso Fonseca (on “Por Acaso Pela Tarde” and the remix “Atlantico”). Apollo Nove’s “Inexplicata” has a retro-kitschy texture, resplendent in the sounds of soupy B3 chords, loungy lap steel and other yesteryear sounds flown in for the occasion. Other highlights include the Primal View remix of Zuco 103’s “Eu Nasci no Brasil” and the Cibelle track “Meu Amor,” a pleasantly woozy concoction. The track is a sonic dream in and out of Rio. Ditto the whole disc.