Thomas Borgmann Trio/Peter Brotzmann: Stalker Songs

Bassist Little joins reedist Borgmann, drummer Denis Charles (one of his last recordings), and guest Peter Brotzmann for the two-part Stalker Songs, each part over 30 minutes long. Tenors predominate. Borgmann seems to carry on dialogues with himself in his middle register through phrasings barely perceptible to the casual ear; Brotzmann meanwhile is inclined to muscle through with high volume, but with a facility to create nifty structures for his solos. When Borgmann decides to play serenely, as he begins a section with the sopranino, even veteran listeners to this music crave for such texture for an entire performance, for at this tempo and mood a soloist can ruminate on ideas too easily shunted aside. Brotzmann, by the way, plays in the middle of “Part 1” a grainy and nasally tarogato, which may be akin to a manzello or alto sarrusophone.