Swingorillas: Dick Suave

British native Tara “Zoome Zoome” Duff and Salt Lake City’s Dale “Big Daddy” Lee guide this nine-piece “swing-oriented” band through 10 tracks that borrow from lounge, Latin and Dixieland, as well. The lyrical approach is often irreverent-“Dick Suave,” anyone?-but tenor saxman “Growlin’,” Dan Walker and rock guitarist Eric “The Czar” Sopanen keep things relatively grounded, musically speaking. Lead vocalist Duff is playing a role here-one part gun moll, one part damsel in distress-but she’s fun to follow through the male-dominated worlds detailed in the self-penned tunes. Swingorillas fare best when messing with style: The title track is set to a near-punk pace, and “Waiting on a Promise” sounds like an alternate opener for The Dick Van Dyke Show.