For those who had not previously heard his recent duet recording with fellow guitarist Bireli Lagrene, this remarkable acoustic trio recording will introduce American listeners to the considerable talents of guitarist Sylvain Luc. A phenomenal technician with a very fertile imagination and an assured sense of swing, Luc nonchalantly embellishes such familiar themes as “Night in Tunisia,” “There Will Never Be Another You,” “Moon River” and Burt Bacharach’s “This Guy’s in Love With You” with rhythmic and harmonic bravado. His warm-toned flights of fancy on electro-acoustic guitar are given supple, sensitive support from an interactive rhythm tandem of bassist Jean-Marc Jafet, who also contributes the romantic “Bella Vista” and the buoyantly swinging “Jade et Melody,” and ubiquitous French drummer Andre Ceccarelli, who offers two solo drum pieces in “Ouverture” and the dramatic “Requiem.” The minimal bits of overdubbing, on “Jade et Melody” and Luc’s “Ameskeri,” are done subtly and effectively.

While the three Frenchmen naturally ooze Continental lyricism and elegance (particularly evident on “Chez Laurette” and their smooth, Latin-flavored interpretation of “Moon River”), they also show that they can get down with some good ol’ fashioned American funk on the earthy groover “Roots 6406,” the loosest and most playful offering here.