Samo Salamon Bassless Trios: Duality

Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon shows daring in his choice of notes and choice of sidemen on his 12th outing as a leader. With his U.S. Trio (alto saxophonist Tim Berne, drummer Tom Rainey) and European Trio (Achille Succi on alto sax, Roberto Dani on drums), Salamon delivers spiky improvisations on rock-fueled romps like “Blistering” and “Roofs in the City.” His more involved compositions, like “Flying Potatoes” and “Twists and Turns,” find him navigating taut, twisted unisons with Berne’s alto sax while also engaging in cathartic call-and-response. “Mea Culpa” and “Kei’s Garden” show Salamon’s penchant for lyricism, and the unaccompanied “Road to Nantucket” is a glimpse at another side of his considerable fretboard skills. The harmonically rich ballad “The Weight of One Daisy,” featuring some outstanding bass clarinet work from Succi, is another reason to pay attention to this noteworthy guitarist.