Renaud Garcia-Fons: La Linea del Sur

Born near Paris in 1962 to parents from the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain, Garcia-Fons sites his music inspiration of the Mediterranean and Orient and to the Flamenco tradition.

Joining Garcia-Fons is David Venitucci on accordion, Kiko Rui on flamenco guitar and Pascal Rollando on percussion.

Title track “La Linea del Sur” is a self expression of flamenco rhythms. Garcia-Fons use of the bow is magnificent with Venitucci adding a fine accordion solo with a switch to finger plucking by Garcia-Fons leads this six minute track down some very interesting turns.

Third song “Gare Saint Charles” with its slow-moving accordion introduction almost gives the feeling of walking down the streets of Spain. Flamenco guitarist Kiko Rui takes his turn with his expressions with a short compact solo

Esperanza Fernandez is a guest vocalist on three songs on La Linea del Sur. Her vocals on “El Aqua de la Vida” and the last track “Enamorada” are breathtaking. Percussionist Pascal Rollando also is given his chance to add some weight. His touch, while forceful, is a light touch.

In the liner notes Garcia-Fons says this album is his way of tying a knot with the many music world that illuminated his childhood. It is easy to see and hear that he has done that. Roughly translated la linea del sur means line of the south and for Garcia-Fons, the direction always is moving forward.