Rebirth Brass Band: The Main Event: Live at the Maple Leaf

Listening to the ReBirth Brass Band is next best to standing on the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter in New Orleans. With this album, RBB successfully communicates the infectious vitality of a live show at the Maple Leaf. The band’s trademark street-beat-fueled jazz, funk and R&B is the signal that it’s partytime, and the audience eagerly responds with vocal participation and, most likely, second-line strutting, just like festival audiences around the world the past 16 years.

The rhythm section of Phil Frazier on tuba, Keith Frazier on bass drum and Derek Tabb on snare sets the pace for the horns-trumpeters Shamarr Allan and Glen Andrews, saxophonist James Durant and trombonist Tyrus Chapman. The album’s peak comes during the band’s trademark “Ooh Nah Nah,” part of 30 minutes of nonstop musical mayhem that also includes “Tornado Special” and “Before I Let Go” before slowing down with the pop-ish “Waterfalls.” Before that, the band delivers crowd favorites such as “Blackbird Special,” “I’m All Over Now” and “Just the Two of Us.” The closing track, “We Come to Party,” sums it all up.