Rebecca Kane Sextet: A Deeper Well

Now and then a true sleeper passes through the record bins, and if you’re not careful you may miss a little gem. Such is the case with pianist Rebecca Kane’s new recording. Captured under the austere and noted recording practices of Pierre Sprey’s Mapleshade label, Kane brings a wide palette of colors to this date.

Kane’s sextet includes trumpeter Jack Walrath, percussionists Steve Berrios on traps and Gilad Dobrecki on miscellaneous, and D.C. musicians Steve Novosel on bass and Charliebird Hampton on saxophones and flute. Most of the work is an exploration of Kane’s penmanship, and her work is very subtle, requiring more than a quick once over to get into the essences-and such is true of her piano work. One of two standards, “Summertime,” is given an effulgent arrangement that freshens the old warhorse considerably.