Peter & Will Anderson: Correspondence

What’s a quick way for young jazz musicians to appear out of their league? Book some studio time with pianist Kenny Barron, bassist Ben Wolfe and drummer Kenny Washington. But saxophonists (and identical twins) Peter and Will Anderson consistently rise to the challenge on Correspondence, displaying a firm grounding in bop/postbop tradition and demonstrating impressive harmonic and rhythmic assurance. Robust tandem passages and fluid improvisations generate lots of color and contrast, with Peter, on tenor, and Will, on alto, reinvigorating “Shaw ‘Nuff” and other jazz and pop classics. Better yet are the original tunes, such as Will’s ever-spiraling romp “Go Ahead!,” which point to an exceedingly bright future. In his liner notes, Phil Schaap recalls that the Andersons received A’s in his Origins of Jazz class at Juilliard; you can apply the same grade to this CD, the Andersons’ first as leaders.