Neil C. Young: Where’s Yours

Brit guitarist Neil C. Young incorporates aspects of two of his obvious guitar heroes-Pat Metheny and Wes Montgomery-on this bright, appealing outing. On “The Stockton 3” he underscores his Wes-like octaves with Metheny-esque strumming on acoustic guitar. “Driving to Montenegro” is a breezy, harmonically sophisticated ditty that utilizes ringing harmonics and open-string effects, while “Waltz” is a reflective number performed on acoustic guitar, highlighted by Alan Whitham’s bass, Richard Young’s brushes and lush string arrangements. On “Parisienne Charlie,” Young plays with the subtle, walking-on-eggshells aesthetic of Jim Hall, and his solo nylon-string number “Your Watering Eyes” recalls Charlie Byrd. The trio swings out on “Think On” and digs into a festive samba groove on “Vuelta a España,” buoyed by Whitham’s Jaco-esque fretless electric bass work.