Nadav Remez: So Far

A thoughtful composer and accomplished player, Israeli-born guitarist Nadav Remez has fashioned an auspicious debut of poignant melodies, rich harmonies and stirring improvisations that ring out with clarity and emotion. The adventurous and uncommonly sensitive pianist Shai Maestro enhances the uplifting “Pinchas,” the serene “Inner Peace” and the lushly orchestrated title track, and tenor saxophonist Steve Brickman and Remez engage in a freewheeling conversation midway through the neatly constructed “The Last Exile.” “Lecha Dodi” is an evocative arrangement of a Jewish religious song, and “From Above,” featuring a beautiful clarinet solo from James Wylie, is a moving tribute to Remez’s late grandmother. The album closes on an intimate note with the melancholy solo guitar piece “Susu,” for Remez’s late grandfather. Moving, meaningful music by an emerging talent.