Michael Treni : Turnaround

Treni composed and arranged everything on his CD for a larger group of eighteen musicians on most tunes. The recording quality is state of the art and the sound of Ron Vincent’s drum kit is especially well reproduced. Virtuoso tenor saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi is featured on three of the tunes and the late Gerry Niewood, to whom the CD is dedicated, on one. Arrangements and accompaniment are tasteful with a relatively reserved feel to the rhythm section. Trensi also shows the ability to integrate strings into one tune without creating clutter or schmaltz.

The group in general displays an excellent understanding of how to create a good balance of sound. The music will sound relatively familiar to fans of contemporary big bands of high quality; it cannot be said to transcend the forms in which it operates, but is a fine example of modern large ensemble work

A DVD featuring the comments of most of the musicians about the session and their involvement in music is also included in the package; Bergonzi’s comments are trenchant and of the most interest.