Melissa Aldana: Free Fall

Chilean-born tenor saxophonist Melissa Aldana moved to the States at 18, and since graduating from Berklee in 2009 has been making an impact on the New York scene with her playing and writing. On her debut for Greg Osby’s label, she swings confidently and solos with verve in the company of pianist Michael Palma, bassist Lyles West and veteran drummer Ralph Peterson Jr. on the title track, “Broadway Junction,” “L-Line” and the explosive “Creepo the Thief.” Her buttery tone and fluid lines wind their way through “Pasos” with effortless flair, and she distinguishes herself as a commanding ballad player on West’s “Lacy Things” and Peterson’s “Tears That I Cannot Hide.” On Palma’s angular, chops-busting workout “Broken Roses,” she’s back in burn mode.