Marbin: Breaking the Cycle

Powered by the former Pat Metheny Group rhythm tandem of drummer Paul Wertico and bassist Steve Rodby, this fusion/prog-rock outing reflects some of Metheny’s past work, particularly in the guitar-synth playing of formidable six-stringer Dani Rabin. Saxophonist Danny Markovitch underscores the “jazz” in jazz-rock with his soprano improvisations on “Loopy” and “Snufkin,” though he borders on Kenny G territory during “Western Sky” and “The Old Silhouette.” Though it’s well-crafted material, and Israeli-born Rabin is a killer guitarist in a Steve Vai/Joe Satriani vein, fans of mainstream jazz may want to pass on this one. Prog-rockers, however, especially those coming from a Gentle Giant/Happy the Man perspective, will most likely dig it.