Luigi Archetti and Bo Wiget: Low Tide Digitals II

The sober title may seem better suited to a book of art photography, but the graceful, electro-acoustic soundscapes that Italy’s Luigi Archetti (guitar) and Switzerland’s Bo Wiget (cello) craft on this CD earn the name. In fleeting moments, you can actually discern the conventional sounds of their instruments; far more often, wide, slowly developing electronic fields of sound surround and envelop those more conventional tones like a cloud. Minimal melodies or motifs arrive and then almost completely dissolve in a wash of low-frequency drone, upper harmonics and slight distortion.

On this CD, a sequel to their 2001 release, Archetti and Wiget avoid rapid movement and sudden twists, choosing instead to build tension through a dense, artfully arranged accumulation of sound and buzz. Contemporary classical influences mix with ambient music and electro-acoustic improv on this well-crafted recording.