Lim With Marc Ducret: Lim With Marc Ducret

French guitar strangler Marc Ducret, the secret weapon in Tim Berne’s Big Satan, Bloodcount and Caos Totale bands, guests with the Swedish free-jazz trio composed of saxophonist-composer Henrik Frisk, electric bassist David Carlsson and drummer Peter Nilsson. “How Yellow Can This Be?” and “My Flower, Your Power” incorporate jagged, twisting lines performed in tight unison between Frisk’s horn and Ducret’s guitar. The thoughtfully crafted pieces incorporate plenty of space for individual solo exploration as Carlsson and Nilsson drive the proceedings with their own organic, intuitive hookup. Ducret’s playing throughout (save his distortion-laced eruptions on “The Pointer”) is less harsh than it is on Berne’s projects. His cleaner tone here allows the listener to more fully appreciate his hornlike legato phrasing, advanced fingerstyle chording and fresh note choices. A must for fans of nonconformist, daredevil guitar.