Lee Shaw Trio: Blossom

Notwithstanding the simplistic comparisons to Marian McPartland based purely on the fact that the leader is a female, who happens to play piano and who is known for her strong composition skills, The Lee Shaw Trio releases Blossom, an album of subtle tones and colors.

The trio, consisting of Shaw and Rich Syracuse on bass and Jeff Siegel on drums draw heavily on their own compositions and may draw heavily comparisons to other famous trios.

The lead track titled “Blossom” is an almost Melhdau sounding piece. Moving into the Fats Navarro catalogue, Shaw and trio do a splendid version of “Fat’s Blues.” This piece is not often a covered piece and Shaw and her band mates make it fresh.

“Holiday” with its Spanish/Latin intro by drummer Jeff Siegel is interesting. For most of the record, Siegel stays put, in the background and lays down a beat or tempo for which the others can play off of but Siegel plays steadily throughout this track.

Bassist Rich Syracuse composed “Cool Jack” could be a cousin to The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s “Theme from Mr. Broadway” with it’s up tempo New York style leanings. Syracuse gets busy on this track and while he may not be Senator Eugene Wright but there is room for Syracuse in the Senate for sure.

The Lee Shaw Trio could be an updated version of The Bill Evans Trio of Evans, LaFaro and Motian. With their strong composition skills, subtle playing and telepathy between the three, it appears that they have blossomed and will continue to grow.