Led Bib: Sensible Shoes

The quintet called Led Bib release Sensible Shoes and with a song called “Call Centre Labyrinth”, Led Bib may have phoned this one in.

Led Bib consists of Mark Holub on drums, Liran Donin on bass, Toby McLaren on keyboards with Pete Groban and Chris Williams on saxes.

Starting with a piano introduction not far from a 1970s Chicago record, “Yes, Again” then breaks off into a rock format with a fast heavy beat followed by what sounds like “bird’s chirping” or some sort of high pitched tone then back into a almost fusion attempt again.

While the composition aspect is there, it is hard to find or hear where one song ends and another begin. When “Yes, Again” is finished, “Squirrel Carnage” starts and if you were not looking at your CD player to see the time change or reset, you might think you are listening to the previous song. There is not a lot of change or elements throughout Sensible Shoes (like going from up tempo to medium tempo to ballad etc).

“Squirrel Carnage’ does feature what sounds like goose honking by a saxophone. If that is to portray a sort of “carnage” sound well it accomplishes that.

Maybe the overall tone of “Call Centre Labyrinth” by Mark Holub is to visualize one running through the maze of cubicles a call centre generally has but it is easy to get lost sometimes.

There are a lot of rock elements to this record. While there may not be such a thing as a straight-forward jazz album, Led Bib with their album Sensible Shoes are taking a different approach. Sounds like they wore tap shoes to a marathon.