Kevin Breit/ Cyro Baptista: Supergenerous

If you have an open mind connected to equally open ears, then you’re likely to dig the sounds produced by this international duo. Throughout, Canadian guitarist Breit wields a variety of acoustics and electrics, while Brazilian percussionist Baptista manipulates an array of instruments. The results range from atmospheric to quirky to downright wacky and draw on a wide range of influences, including country and techno.

The group’s frequently twisted use of country elements is displayed on the opener, “The Legend of Johnny Cactus,” which features a combination of skulking acoustic slide work graced by exotic percussion. In the same philosophical vein but with a different groove, “Sao Paulo Slim” bounces along with clucking electric guitar and a Brazilian/Nashville underpinning that’s broken up by some cool melodic/chordal episodes that are almost anthemic. If you’re getting the idea that this isn’t exactly a jazz album, you’re correct; however, jazz sounds do enter the picture in the context of slow-mo versions of “Take the ‘A’ Train” and “Caravan,” each of which appears in a medley that covers additional territory. And Cassandra Wilson guests on a starkly effective reading of “Home on the Range.”

Overall this music is cool, creative, eclectic and highly musical-and some of it would have made a perfect backdrop for Ren & Stimpy’s crazy antics back when they were riding high.