Kaze: Rafale

Kaze brings together the husband and wife team of pianist Satoko Fujii and trumpeter Natsuki Tamura with French musicians Peter Orins (drums) and Christian Pruvost (trumpet) for a 2010 performance in Poland. “Noise Chopin” honors the bicentennial of the Polish composer’s birth with a work that progresses from raw trumpet noise to a rollicking composition driven by Orins’ trap kit. Fujii’s “Blast” closes the set in a similar manner, but in between things fall apart.

Tamura, who specializes in extended techniques, finds a kindred spirit in Pruvost. They both get carried away blowing abrasive noises that start to sound like nothing more than asthmatic gasps or sandpaper rubbings. Fujii and Orins develop a good rapport in some duets, but there seems to be a disconnect with the wild hornmen. As a result, the quartet doesn’t really gel as an ensemble until the end.