Jon Gold: Bossa of Possibility

Equally conversant in jazz and Brazilian music, pianist-composer Jon Gold documented his passion for sambas, bossa novas and chorinhos on two previous outings, 2000’s Aqua Regia and 2010’s Brazil Confidential. Here he’s joined by an all-star cast including saxophonists Dave Liebman and Tom “Bones” Malone, harmonica ace Howard Levy, bassist Harvie S and Brazilians Jorge Continentino on flute, Zé Mauricio and Adriano Santos on percussion and Mauricio Zottarelli on drums. Together they create infectious grooves and vibrant melodies on an effervescent forro (“Ora Bolas”), sizzling maracatu (“P’bubu”) and funky samba (“Bugalu 2-6-3”). The luxurious “Buster” showcases Liebman’s lyrical soprano sax, and the alluring title track highlights Levy’s singing harmonica. Gold performs intimate duets with Harvie S on the Burt Bacharach-influenced “Theme for Impermanence” and with Liebman on the buoyant “Stanley” (dedicated to Stanley Cowell). A must for samba-philes.