John Vanore & Abstract Truth : Curiosity

Vanore plays trumpet, flugelhorn, and lead a “small” big band of thirteen musicians that recorded the eight tracks on this CD in 1991. The only tune not composed by Vanore or other members of the group is Frank Foster’s “Simone”, which is well arranged and performed and which fits in well with the original material. The group’s name is obviously a tip of the hat to Oliver Nelson and much of the material fits in with some of the better arrangers of the 1960s such as Nelson, Duke Pearson, and the Wayne Shorter of The All Seeing Eye, and the post bop approach of rhythm sections of that day. This record does not equal the absolute finest of the work of these composer/arrangers and their recorded ensembles, but would fit well into the middle echelon of their catalogue. The CD is adequately packaged and the recording quality is good if not state of the art. It is a shame that this record had to wait so long to be published, but better late than never.