John McLaughlin Shakti: The Believer

New live recording by the great guitarist John McLaughlin pursue his long-standing Indo-jazz intrigue with his revised incarnation of Shakti on The Believer.

McLaughlin finds separate but equal inspiration in the very different context of his new Shakti, with right-hand tabla player Zakir Hussain, V. Selvaganesh on South Indian percussion and the remarkable mandolinist U. Srinivas. The group toured the European festival circuit last year, and was one of that circuit’s most memorable hits. Few mergers of Indian and jazz sensibilities work as well, or convey such a deeply felt cultural synergy as The Believer testifies. You wont hear [this] [album] on the narrow-casted airwaves of jazz radio, but make no mistake: [It] affirms the fact that McLaughlin remains on of our greatest living guitarists. As Miles said, “Go ahead, John.”