Joel Futterman/”Kidd” Jordan: Nickelsdorf Konfrontation

While recalling the turmult of the collective improvisations of Ornette Coleman and other 1960s’ free-wheelers, the exquisite upheavals presided over by pianist Futterman and tenor saxophonist Jordan erupt with a vison whose impact is direct and yet also sublime. In tandem with tenor/baritone saxman Mats Gustafsson, bassist Barry Guy and drummer Alvin Fielder, the Futterman-Jordan quintet paints with Polack-esque verve and spontaneity. Vivid lines dart, flutter, fly apart-and converge. Up close, pointillistic epics such as the seven-part “Nickelsdorf Summit” reveal microcosms of intricate swirls and clashing lines. From a distance, one glimpses roiling soundscapes of cascading waves awesome in their power and also stark beauty.