Global Noize: A Prayer for the Planet

Synth wiz Jason Miles helped usher Miles Davis into contemporary jazz during the ’80s with his cutting-edge synth programming on Tutu, Music From Siesta and Amandla. In 2008, he formed Global Noize with turntablist DJ Logic and enlisted a host of special guests on the project’s self-titled debut. The two are back, combining funk and world-groove on this successful crossover outing. Mumbai-born singer Falu has also returned, contributing Indian-classical vocals on one of the album’s most successful tracks, the hard-hitting “Charismalove,” which features Oz Noy on guitar and Andy Snitzer on soprano sax. Former War harmonica ace Lee Oskar floats freely behind Moroccan singer Malika Zarra’s exotic vocals on “Viva Le Femme.” Jeff Coffin creates an overdubbed horn section on the groove-heavy “Rios (A Riot in Outer Space),” and Brazilian guitar master Romero Lubambo crafts a mellow backdrop on “Natuerza E Paz (Nature and Peace).”