Giorgio Gaslini Globo Quartet Plus: Ballets

This disc presents the scores of two ballets composed by Giorgio Gaslini, in a style that bridges the concepts of classical formalism and the cool of a modern jazz quartet.

The main piece, produced in 1995, is “Carmen Graffiti”, based not on Bizet’s opera, but on the original novel. Gaslini’s score is also original, although the familiar themes waft in. The focus is on the tightly constructed Globo Quartet, with Gaslini’s piano and intriguing effects by Daniele Di Gregorio on vibes and marimba.

The second, shorter, ballet is “Dodici Minuti All’Alba”, arranged for dancing around a grand piano at center stage. Here, the piano is central, but the Globo Qaurtet is augmented by string and wind quartets, featuring the probing alto sax of Roberto Martinelli, and more appropriately fusing the rhythmic concepts of jazz within the ballet framework and Gaslini’s heady explorations.