Erik Deutsch: Demonio Teclado

Charlie Hunter’s former keyboardist steps out in funky fashion on his groove-oriented third recording as a leader. Smarter and more accomplished than standard jam-band fare, Demonio Teclado nonetheless has that sort of crossover appeal. Playing electric piano, Deutsch emulates Joe Sample on Ike Turner’s “Getting Nasty,” which features a quirky steel guitar solo by Glenn Taylor, then revs it up on the blazing shuffle “Funky Digits.” The atmospheric “Creeper” offers some nice turns by trumpeter Jon Gray, and “DDT” goes for rock power courtesy of Brandon Seabrook’s grungy guitar work. The diverse, retro-sounding collection also includes the lovely ballad “Sleep Talkin'” (modeled after Stevie Wonder’s “Creepin'” from Fulfillingness’ First Finale), the ’70s-styled fusion romp “Future Burger” and a twisted cover of Neil Young’s “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” sparked by Taylor’s distortion-laced steel guitar.