Dave Young Trio: Inner Urge

This disc features one of Canada’s premier bassists leading a trio of talented newcomers-guitarist Reg Schwager and drummer Michel Lambert. Vibes veteran Gary Burton guests on three tracks.

Four of the set’s nine tunes are by Young, whose sophisticated writing ranges from straightforward to more complex. With thematic touches reminiscent of Dvorak, “Our Waltz” swings lightly and features a lilting bass contribution and a melodic solo that recalls the work of Jim Hall. In contrast, “Sir William” alternates between active and subdued sections that are graced with long, sweeping guitar lines, some fine arco work on bass, and expansive drumming. When Burton joins the team, Young hands over the heads and allows him to freely flesh out the harmony, as on “It Don’t Mean A Thing,” whose intriguing change-of-pace ballad treatment ranges from subdued to soulful. Top notch work throughout.